Pinpoint (developed by Naver, South Korea’s largest web search engine company) is an APM (Application Performance Management) solution used by many organizations around the globe and actively used internally by Naver, where Pinpoint monitors over 10 billion transactions per day.

How could we boost performance, enhance usability while improving the application security posture? These are key areas of concern and business opportunity as customers launch the next generation of super apps for fintech, health tech, and 5G in a sustainable ecosystem.

We have used GraalVM, Micronaut VSCode extensions, and Oracle…

As we celebrate Earth Day, let's consider how to improve environmental performance while creating business value by using GraalVM Enterprise, an energy-saving multilingual compiler. This has a significant impact on electricity costs, cooling costs, and possibly a reduction of server farm size while improving application performance.

There are global sustainability…

Several things are essential for cloud-native apps, including fast startup and low memory consumption. These can be achieved for Java by using GraalVM Native Image. This is where PGO (Profile Guided Optimization) helps to maximize performance across the several dimensions of optimization.

Increasingly, the key differentiator between these super apps…

Amitpal Singh Dhillon

Director @ Oracle Labs, Product Management, Asia-Pacific & Japan. Previously, from Sourcefire, Cisco Systems, and Applied Materials.

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